Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Ever Blog Post.......

So..... we have the first EVER Lightning Amps Blog Post... :) Just a wee update to keep everyone in the loop of what is happening.

Lots of amp repairs, pedal mods and other fun things are keeping me very busy! Had a BEAUTIFUL 70's Super Twin in for repair the other day, as well as a 1973 Roland RE-100 Space Echo (YUM). Getting some gorgeous tones from them, it makes me CRAVE a new amp.

I've also been working on some Whammy IV Mods. Eliminating the tone-sucking bypass for a high-quality buffered bypass. It makes it usable!!!

Ok, back to the original pedals.... the PCB's for 'The Fuzz' and 'The Buffer' are officially being manufactured as we speak! I should be receiving them some time over the next fortnight, and then the go into production! There are 3 models of Fuzz to choose from: Standard Gain, High Gain and Germanium. Info at

Custom Cabling. Now this is something that you need to check out! I've ALWAYS found that whenever you don't want them to die, cables manage to cark it. I thought to myself; 'What can I do to fix this!!!'. The solution - custom cabling that DOESN'T DIE, and sounds amazing! All cables are made from super-high quality Canare and Neutrik parts, and are covered with a tough tech-flex coating, to minimise wear and tear. Tech-flex also makes cables extremely easy to coil, and it doesn't kink.

Patch cabling is also available. They are made of the same high-quality components as the full instrument leads. Contact me for pricing at